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Weed Measurements: How Much Is An Eighth, Quarter, Ounce, and More

For those who are new to the world of cannabis, it can be quite surprising to learn that cannabis has a lexicon of its own. There are numerous terms and words used to describe the type of cannabis flower, rolling methods, and even weed measurements. Understanding weed measurements, for example, is a bit more complicated than one might think. At a cannabis store, you can purchase cannabis in grams, eights, and even sometimes ounces—but how much weed do these terms actually represent? Whether you’re looking to purchase a small amount, or perhaps make a bulk cannabis purchase, it’s important to know your weed measurements. For instance, purchasing an eighth is more economically prudent than purchasing three grams of marijuana separately. For marijuana, a general rule of thumb is the more you buy, the cheaper the price—although quality is a related aspect that must also be considered. Flowers, joints, vapes, and concentrates are all measured slightly differently so it is important to understand the different measurement metrics to make a smart purchase. 

Common Cannabis Weight Measurements

Common Cannabis Weight Measurements

The common weight denominations used in the cannabis industry are:

  1. Gram 

When it comes to cannabis flowers, one gram is generally the smallest amount you can purchase at a marijuana dispensary. One gram can comfortably produce 1 to 2 joints. For many recreational marijuana users who are looking to try a new strain or a new brand, a one-gram purchase is considered a great choice. Additionally, it is considered the most popular amount among light, recreational users. 

  1. Eighth

For those wondering how much gram is an 8th of weed, it is 3.5 grams. The measurement gets its name from being an eighth of one full ounce. In other words, 8 eighths is equal to an ounce. For most people, an eighth is enough for a group of people to enjoy over a full weekend. For some marijuana connoisseurs, however, an eighth can be used up throughout a single day. Compared to buying three individual one-gram packages of cannabis, people opt to get more bang for their buck and purchase an eighth instead. To get a bit technical, an eighth can be rolled into roughly 7 half-gram joints or 14 quarter-gram bowls. How much an eighth of weed is varies based on the quality of the cannabis—ranging from as low as 25 dollars to as high as 60 dollars. 

  1. Quarter

A quarter of weed, as the name suggests, is a quarter of an ounce or seven grams. Since it’s 1/4th of a one ounce, 4 quarts is equal to a full ounce. It can also be referred to as ‘Q’ as a form of an alternative slang term. Also known as a quad, a quarter allows heavy smokers to get familiar with new strains. The price for a quarter ounce also varies depending on several factors. It can range from 50 dollars to 100 dollars. While recently some companies have begun producing cannabis packaged in quarters, the measurement is not nearly as popular as grams and eights—often, the case will likely be that you need to buy two separate eights if you want a quad. 

  1. Half Ounce 

A half-ounce of cannabis weighs in at 14 grams. It can also be referred to as a ‘half-O’. As this is a lot, half an ounce can last for about two weeks comfortably for most recreational cannabis users. 

  1. Ounce 

An ounce of marijuana equals approximately 28.5 grams of weed. It is the legal limit an individual can possess at any given time in several states, including California (although you can carry an additional  8 grams of cannabis concentrate). It is also considered the central standard “complete” unit in the world of cannabis. While purchasing an ounce is unfeasible for many recreational users, it is certainly one of the preferred quantities for marijuana aficionados. In popular culture, it is sometimes also referred to as a “zip.”

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Knowing the accurate measurements will help you make a smart purchase that is exactly what you need. If you ever have a question about weed measurements, our friendly staff at CCA Silverlake is always happy to help you. Now that you have more familiarity with the different weed measurements, tag us and let us know what your preferred amount is! We’re always looking to learn more about our customers’ preferences so that our inventory can best fit your needs.

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