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How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?

From baked goods to candies, gummies, chocolates, beverages, and much more, there is a wide range of cannabis-infused edibles that have grown increasingly popular in recent years. Each day, more and more people are becoming interested in trying edibles. Furthermore, it’s often the case that these people have some questions about the basics of edibles that they want answers to before experimenting. Questions such as “How long do edibles last in the bloodstream?” and “How long do edibles stay in your system?” are quite common, and as a result, our team at CCA is here to answer them once and for all. 

Below, our cannabis experts give a brief background about edibles before jumping into the questions themselves. In an effort to give our readers the most accurate information, we’ve made sure to get all of the information we cover from trusted, reputable sources. Let’s jump in!

The Basics of Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are food products that have been infused with marijuana or cannabis. There are many different reasons why people have become interested in edibles. For some who don’t enjoy smoking cannabis, for example, edibles are a perfect alternative. Others, however, prefer edibles because of the two-in-one punch, a tasty treat that also gives you the relaxing sensation of cannabis. Edibles are also a lot more discreet than other methods, making them appealing for that reason as well. 

The legalization of cannabis in many states across the U.S. in recent years has significantly increased the variety of cannabis edibles. As mentioned earlier, a wide range of edibles exists, including: 

  • Baked goods such as cannabis brownies
  • Cannabis gummies and chews
  • Cannabis mints
  • Chocolate bars
  • Beverages

If you’re looking for edibles in Los Angeles, CCA Silver Lake is proud to offer one of the largest selections in the city, featuring brands such as Kanha Treats, Kiva Confections, and Wyld, among many others. 

How Long Does It Take For Edibles to Kick In?

When cannabis is smoked, it enters the bloodstream quite quickly, allowing the effects of cannabis to be felt right away. When ingested through edibles, however, it takes substantially longer to enter the bloodstream and for the effects to be felt. This is because the edibles have to pass through the digestive system before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. The effects of edibles can be felt as quickly as 30 minutes after consumption, or contrarily, as much as three hours after eating the edible. 

How long it takes to feel effects depends on numerous different factors, with the two primary considerations being the amount of THC in the edible and a person’s cannabis tolerance. The amount of THC included in an edible is clearly labeled on the package. For the average person, a 5 mg edible is a great place to start because it can help manage stress and pain, as well as spark creativity, without being overbearing. 

How Long Do Weed Edibles Stay In The System?

In most cases, a 5 mg edible will produce a high in the body that typically lasts two to three hours, but this ultimately depends on the person. It goes without saying that the more you consume, the longer you will feel the effects. 

While the sensation of cannabis edibles tends to disappear within a few hours, the drug itself can remain in the body for several weeks. Long after the edible is ingested and its effect dissipated, it can still be detected on a drug or blood test. The length of time it takes for weed to be broken down in the body and eliminated depends on several factors. Traces of cannabis from edibles can stay in the system for up to several weeks.


While edibles are an appealing alternative to smoking cannabis that many people are interested in trying, it’s important to have some information about edibles before making a purchase. If you have a question or would like more information, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at CCA Silverlake is ready to help you. Give us a call at (323) 363-8116, visit our dispensary in Silverlake, or order online on our website to get your edibles delivered to your doorstep.

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